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Cave Bird's Nest (white biscuit)

It comes from removing fragments and lines that come off during the cleaning process, trimming the shape of the Red Bird's Nest Grade No.1 - No.4. Then, it will be cleaned again before going to shape it to look like a half circle like a leaf for beauty. It will still have the properties of the red bird's nest as it was before

Our bird's nest products is soaked and thoroughly cleaned. This process reduces the time and boiler time. Therefore, it will takes only 4-5 hours to soak and it will takes only 1 hour to cook.

628-150grams. 26,000 ฿.jpg
Cave Bird's Nest (white biscuit) | Product Code & Size
White bird's nest (biscuit).png

Buy Cave Bird's Nest

Please order through website Siam South Sea Bird's Nest

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