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Cave Bird's Nest (red cup)

The bird’s nest’s color is bloody red.This is caused by the bird nest in the red cave walls with natural minerals. The red color does not come from birds that spit out bloody as many people understand it. The red bird's nest is tough and tenacious. So it takes more time to soak and boil than other types of birds. Therefore, It would takes time to stay completely soak in water around 20-24 hours and spent 2 - 2:30 hours boiling. Since the ancient time, Chinese doctors used the red bird’s nests in order to enhance blood system. As a matter of fact, red bird nest is expensive and rare because it is only be found in natural cave on specific island.

As for the red bird’s nest products of the company, they are certified in terms of quality by Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health that they are free from any dyestuff. From the Department of Medical Sciences, ministry of Public Health assured that our company's red bird's nest products are truly natural. This can well ensure the customers that the products of the company are excellently pure and truly natural bird’s nests with high quality.

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Cave Bird's Nest (red cup) | Product Code & Size
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